Learn To Earn

Bani Ghai
Written by Bani Ghai

Money controls our lives more than we would like to admit. In the world we live in today, most young adults rely on some sort of financial stability or contribution from their family or parents in order to complete their day to day activities.

Living in a college town, more often than not, I have heard people say: “my parents didn’t put enough money in my account this week, so I can’t do that”, or something along those lines. I couldn’t help but be baffled at the thought that parents not putting enough money into their children’s bank account could be such a limiting factor or huge ordeal.

The more I observe people around me, the more I realize that most people my age do not know the value of money. The reality of life is that you won’t know the value of money until you go out and earn it yourself.

When you make and spend your own money, you have to decide how and when to spend it without having to negotiate with your parents and plead for more funds. If you get everything handed to you, the “real world” will be a harsh reality check for you.

This doesn’t mean you need to be completely financially independent. However, if you start to earn your own money, you will realize how much effort and energy it really takes to earn and provide. Everyone comes from different families and different financial backgrounds, but everyone has to pay for themselves and balance their own budget at some point in their lives.

The relationship between spending and earning should be symbiotic. They should go hand in hand and balance each other out.

You won’t realize what you can accomplish, until you break free from the constraints of being dependent on someone. The sense of pride and joy in your hard work paying off is incomparable to anything else. It also teaches you how to prioritize your spendings and will set you up for future success.

Reap your rewards with enthusiasm, you EARNED it.

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