Undress The Stress

Bani Ghai
Written by Bani Ghai

Today, stress is an assumed personality trait for every person. If you are human, you are bound to be stressed at any given time a day, maybe even all day. You can’t find a parking spot, the rush hour traffic is holding you back, you can’t pass your PR at the gym, the bills are piling up, and the list goes on.

As humans, we stress because of the limited amount of hours in the day we are allotted to get our work done. The demand from our peers, mentors, colleagues, professors, bosses, and even ourselves just keeps piling on.

However, we are in more control of our lives than we give ourselves credit for. The stress starts with you and ends with you.

The realization of self-control in these stressful situations can be what makes or breaks you. It’s the basic foundation of managing stress. Remember, the problems YOU create are the problems YOU ultimately have to deal with.

Managing the stress and craziness stems from taking charge and spearheading the direction in which you choose to move.

Control of your: emotions + thoughts + time = solution to stress

Stress is that dark rain cloud that storms over our heads when we need it the least. The levels of your stress will be far from your reach until you stop denying yourself the right to be stress-free. There is a difference between being stressed and the right amount of concerned. Once stress is maintained, it becomes concern, which causes you to find a solution.

The moment you’re able to find that solution, and focus on it; that’s when you will wake up every morning with an attitude to conquer. Nothing will hold you back; no one will tell you that you cannot; and you, yourself, will not let anything get in your way. Today, go find that solution.

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