Inner And Outer Traveling

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Bani Ghai
Written by Bani Ghai

10 Reasons Why You Should Travel:

1. Provides learning and education about ourselves and new places.

2. Connects us to nature, other cultures, people, etc.

3. Slows us down: Gives us a mental and physical break from our fast-paced lives.

4. Expands our awareness and introduces us to greater diversity– mindfulness.

5. Helps us break our routines: mentally, physically, and emotionally.

6. Provides the opportunity to heal, reduces stress, and regain enthusiasm.

7. Feeds curiosity and awakens us with “first-time” experiences.

8. Allows life to flow more organically.

9. Invites the opportunity to face one’s fears of the unknown and generate flow of creativity.

10. You get to know yourself better: the true you is rediscovered.

In a way, going to a new place and doing new things is enlightening. Going to places that extend beyond your comfort zone can help you appreciate and understand the things that are constantly around you. Your perspective of your environment, cultural behavior, food, people, and generic outlook on life will change as you are placed out of your routine activities.

Traveling and exploration can be a powerful tool for personal development.

Traveling can help you get to know yourself better. Sometimes, we are so busy getting to know other people, that we forget that we are in a state of constant change and have to get to re-know ourselves.

Many people live their lives stuck in a rut, where they complete the same routine activities on a daily basis and bore themselves. Living life in this rut is what inhibits us from reflecting and discovering ourselves.

Even going out a doing something new can change your outlook and motivation. Don’t let the expense of travel be an issue. You don’t necessarily have to go far or go to extreme extents. Visit that place you’ve been wanting to go to, sign up for that marathon, go hike that mountain, be adventurous. Don’t block that inner need that gnaws at you to be who you are. Trying something new or visiting a new place can restore positive energy in our lives, which motivates us to be the best we can be.

A happy you, is a successful you. Take the time out of your life to take care of yourself and accomplish the things you want. If you life your life with a one-track mind of just “work”, you will end up living the unhappy life you could have easily avoided. The whole point is to enjoy the journey. Do yourself a favor, take the time out of your hectic life and go do something you want to do.

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