What Truly Happens When You Find ‘The One’.

Courtney Hall
Written by Courtney Hall

There are many major life events I can’t recall. I have few memories from birthday parties during my twenty-five years. I am never able to recall the defining moment that made me want to become a writer. College was a blur.  My life seems but a long and pieced together timeline of accomplishments, and failures, triumphs and tribulations.

One thing that remains crystal clear in my mind, however, is the day and moment I met the man who is now my husband. Was it magical? No, he was with his ‘then’ girlfriend, and I was miserable at work.

Not all meetings are romantic-comedy cliche’, and not all love stories are fairy tales. But that shouldn’t change the fact that they are real.

There are many things that lead myself and my husband together. Fate? Perhaps. I’m not one to follow the stars, and I’ve never been the Disney Princess that wishes to find her Prince. Am I cynical? Yes, I used to be. I know one thing for certain, life changes drastically when you finally find the person that completes your entire being. I am not well versed in the ways of the world, and I’m certainly no genius, but these things I know for sure. Here’s what truly happens when you find ‘the one’.

You’re More Inspired.

There’s a reason why all those kick-ass, iconic rock songs are written about certain muses. Finding the one will leave you more inspired in every single aspect of your life. They’ll inspire you to follow your heart, and do what makes you happy. That’s the mark of knowing you’ve really found your person. They will support you no matter what you choose to do.

They Make You Better.

As cliche’ as it sounds, it’s true. When you find the one, you’ll want to become a better person, not only for them, but for you. They will teach you to love yourself, and accept yourself in ways you never have before, and maybe even in ways you didn’t understand were possible.

Life Settles Down and Is Put Into Perspective.

All of sudden, it’s just really nice to stay in and be with them, when usually you’d rather be out and about. As funny as it used to seem, you actually start to plan a future, and look forward to growing old with someone. Life seems to have a purpose, and you will begin to feel as though it’s all coming together.

You Begin to Enjoy The Simple Things.

Holding hangs, move nights, those saturday morning pancake breakfasts. You enjoy even the most mundane things, just because you get to enjoy them with them. It doesn’t matter how small it may seem, to you, the mere fact that you’re together is always enough.

There’s no more games, and it’s liberating.

We millenials. So complicated. All this new age dating mumbo jumbo, and all these unwritten rules about when to call someone back, or how to lure someone into loving you. Those things fly out the window when you meet the right person. It doesn’t matter how dumb you look, or how desperate you feel. Those games aren’t even relevant anymore, because you don’t play them, and neither do they. It’s about the two of you, and your lives, together. No time for games. Only truth, honestly, communication and happiness.

Your Love becomes Routine, and You Actually Love That.

Many people would think this would get boring, but it doesn’t. When you love someone, there is nothing better than knowing that you will get to wake up to them every single day. Nothing more assuring than knowing you have them no matter what, to help you through the tough times, laugh with you through the good times, and encourage you when you need encouragement. Everyone wants to be happy, and everyone wants to find that one special person who completes their hapiness.

I could write on and on about the ways that my life changed after finding, and eventually marrying my husband. He’s made me a better, more intelligent, brighter, more compassionate person and for that I am eternally thankful and grateful. My hope is for all of my readers to find that too, someday. Maybe even a little bit offguard, such as I was. Whether you’ve found your ‘person’ yet, or are patiently waiting, remember, they are out there.

If you’ve found them, reflect on all I’ve just written and appreciate, nurture and cherish what you have. So many want just that. If you’re still waiting, remember, you have all of these things to look forward to. Just wait until the time is right.

May we all be lucky in life and in love.

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