Just a Bad Day

Destinee Nicole
Written by Destinee Nicole

No one likes bad days, especially the ones that lead to a series of bad days. My life used to consist of only bad days. For many years of my teenage life, and experienced bad day over bad day. It was a never ending cycle that I eventually got used to. So when I finally got rid of those bad days and my life consisted of only good ones, the scarce bad ones seemed to knock me down straight on my face leaving me there for a while. It has been a work in progress to just breathe, let go, and have a better tomorrow.

What would life be without bad days? What would life be if everything was perfectly dandy all the time? It wouldn’t be life. We’d eventually grow immune to the good, and lose the concept of positive a negative. We’d live these dull lives, just knowing everything would be good, not putting in any effort or work to make it that way. Our “good life” would eventually just become one big bad life.
Life is full of peaks and valleys; peaks being the good days, and valleys the bad. Our valleys are there so that we appreciate the peaks, and our peaks are there to remind us that life won’t always be one big valley.

Take the bad days for what they are, and use them to make a better tomorrow. Try not to dwell in the saddest [I know that it sometimes impossible], and use the bad moments as a learning lesson. A reminder of where you don’t want to be. I appreciate my bad days [though many of them had me so close to the edge], because if I had not gone through the struggles of the past, I would not be embracing the glories of the present.

It can’t rain forever, and the sun will shine again eventually. In the meantime, take on those bad days with your best foot forward, and use them to never be in that place again

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