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An Open Letter To Inequality, And How Indiana Got It Wrong

Gurbaksh Chahal
Written by Gurbaksh Chahal

On Thursday, Indiana Governor, Mike Pence, signed a controversial religious freedom law that allowed businesses and individuals to deny services to people with a sexual preference he did not agree with.

If someone is born a certain way, if someone thinks a certain way, how can you think differently about them? What right do you have to stop people from doing business, just because they’re different?

Life isn’t about judging people; it’s about accepting people. And, if you cannot accept others, and can use political propaganda to garner votes, you’re no less than any other politician.

As a CEO who employs over one hundred employees worldwide, and has employed thousands during my seventeen years as an entrepreneur, neither my companies, nor myself discriminates anyone against any color, race, religion, beliefs, or any preference, period. We welcome the best talent, with open arms, and we embrace each and every one of them.

America has a path to go one step forward, but your announcement just took a step back. You alienated the entire country, and unless you plan on becoming your own country, you’ve just put the odds against you.

People have a choice to live the way they want. That way isn’t your choice, neither is it your choice to accept it, nor is it your choice to discriminate against it.

If someone is a citizen of Indiana and contributes to the Indiana economy, treat them with respect.

God makes everyone the same way, including you, regardless of any characteristic.

Karma has a way of dealing with cowards like yourself, and you’ll receive yours in your next election cycle.

Leadership is based on working towards a unified goal, prosperity, and encouragement. Not judgment, labeling, discrimination, or demeaning others. Your actions make you not a leader, but rather a hypocrite. Because, if anyone were to dig into your past, I’m positive others would realize that you’re nothing near perfect. That being said, understand you’re not God, nor will you ever be. So, stop trying to act like one.

I’m imperfect the same way you are, the same way everyone is; and you have no right to say what others can or cannot do. You are a part of the United States of America. United means one nation, one culture, one dream, one hope.

Governorship may get you the Governor’s mansion, but know that your days are numbered. And at the end of the day, true leadership is based on realizing not our perfections, or imperfections, but the fact that we are all equal, and we treat others the way we want to be treated.

Your actions don’t make you a politician, they make you a coward. You have 49 states that condemn your ability to govern, including your own, and if you want to go ahead and build on religion and that your agenda, you are a shameful politician who just surrendered his political dreams.

President Obama, you had your chance to stand up. Hope and Change don’t come from words; they come from your actions. You mentioned states should go ahead and make their own policies around what “Gay Rights” should be. This is a prime example of how your agenda failed.

Be proud of who you are.

Be proud of what you can be, and not what you’re told.

It doesn’t matter where I open my offices, I will always treat my employees with respect, and equality.

And, I encourage every employer to do the same.

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