Why America Is No Longer the Greatest Country in the World…But It Still Can Be.

Gurbaksh Chahal
Written by Gurbaksh Chahal

The title of this blog might make you upset. I actually vowed myself my very best to not ever write about politics and discuss the corrupt system of politicians. Mainly, because most of them are so crooked and are the modern day mafia. Believe me, the more successful you are, the more you see how it’s so scandalous than the way the rest of the world sees it. But, I figured if Aaron Sorkin, could use that line when he launched his TV show, Newsroom, so could I for this blog.

First off. I was born in India. And, I am still a proud Indian but I am also a very proud American Citizen for the opportunities this Country has given me. What I’m not proud of, is what has become the stupidity in this political system of America. I can’t see this country fail again.

Here’s why we are headed for the biggest systemic risk that could cause a worldwide depression. It’s called the American Election for the next President of the United States.

Let’s take a look at the last 16 years.

  • George W. Bush, won after a recount, after his younger brother (Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida, who is trying to run for President of 2016), got a recount of 537 votes. And, switched the election in 2000, from Al Gore becoming President, to having George W. Bush becoming our President. No coincidence right?
  • Unfortunately, September 11th, 2001, happened, which gave George W. Bush, the power to do whatever he wanted. Because, people wanted revenge. I hate what happened that day to America just as everyone did. I remember it like it was yesterday. But, politically it gave President W. Bush and Karl Rove, everything they could dream of…The Patriot Act, the NSA, etc.
  • Then we had the 2004 elections. And his opponent was a democrat, John Kerry. Who lost because while yet unproven, could have won, if people realized George W. Bush’s escape (because of his ties to his father) from going to the Vietnam war, in comparison to John Kerry who actually served in our military.
  • Fast forward to 2008. Everyone finally realized George W. Bush was a joke, and people wanted “change” or “hope”, so we needed to create a celebrity that was unknown. And, we elected President Obama (as a disclaimer, I also bought his BS and was a supporter). The bar was so low to win, Obama won by a landslide, because the tele-prompter was his secret weapon.
  • The economy tanked in 2009. So, with President Obama’s administration, the Federal Reserve pumped trillions of dollars to save Wall Street and bail out the banks that should have thrown their executives in jail for putting America in this predicament. We don’t owe money to China, we owe more money to ourselves, as we just printed money. What could you expect from a President who was just junior senator for 2 years in Illinois, before becoming the President of the free world?
  • The reason I finally realized President Obama was a joke was his focus on ending the war on terrorism by bring our troops home. Again, that sounds great on a tele-prompter. But, if you start a war (Iraq, Afghanistan, and most of the Middle East), you can’t just checkout like you’re a hotel guest. His solution, was drones designed the same way Sony PlayStation was designed, to execute terrorists or suspected terrorists with a push of a button.
  • Fast forward to 2012. Mitt Romney, a Republican, Self-made business man, tried to run. And, he said something taken out of context, but was recorded because he didn’t have the Secret Service by his side. He simply alluded to the fact that 47% of U.S. citizens, don’t pay taxes, and that took a life of its own. President Obama won again because of that leak.
  • I was invited to events with the Senior Advisor to the President, David Axelrod and President Obama where no cameras were allowed, and believe me if you knew what they said was recorded, he would not be elected. For example, when Governor Chris Christie was still a candidate, one comment was “If he can’t take care of his own body, how can he take care of this country.” 100 million Americans are defined obese in America, imagine if that got leaked. That would have affected the 2012 election.
  • President Obama enlisted Hilary Clinton in 2009 to 2013 (another candidate trying to run for President for the Democratic Party in 2016) as Secretary of State. You can say after all, they are to blame for the rise of ISIS/ISIL. Simply, because of the policies they enforced and actions of promoting their own agendas in using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (so-called drones) as “classified missions.”
  • Which leads to the biggest catastrophe in the Obama Era, is not the eventual failure of Obamacare, and not the fake economic rebound, but the rise of terrorism. If you give the CIA and people in a cubicle the chance to blow people up like they are playing a game of Call of Duty, that will just create more terrorists, especially when you don’t realize the innocent casualties that arise with every push of a button.

President George W. Bush was a failure, using his dad and brother to get him elected. President Obama will go down in history as the most incompetent President, because what did he really do besides flood trillions of dollars from the Federal Reserve to artificially inflate the economy? Obamacare? Yeah, wait till, you see the ramifications of that – when you realize not just ObamaCare but Medicare, will run out of money and bankrupt the United States in just a few years.

So, now next look at the 2016 elections. The lead candidate on the Republican party we have, is the biggest asshole on the planet, Donald Trump. He’s actually much more than just an asshole, he’s the modern day version of Adolf Hitler, who forgot most of his family’s wealth came from brothels. He hates everyone that doesn’t look like him. And, he is taking advantage of the rigged Presidential election cycle by winning in early States that don’t matter to the GDP of America (I’m sorry if that offends you, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, etc. but actually I’m not sorry, this system is rigged).

And, then you have the lead candidate on the Democratic side, Hilary Clinton, who was the Secretary of State appointed by President Obama. Not only did we lose the life of an ambassador in Libya during the Benghazi attack, because of her lack of response, she and the President are to blame for the rise of ISIS/ISIL under their administration. After all, they created an organization that is more dangerous than al-Qaeda, it-self. Now, if elected, she wants to nominate President Obama to the Supreme Court? Give me a break? When will these corruptions stop?

Then, we have the artificial U.S. economy to worry about. America is the largest economy in the world, who basically bailed itself out from its mortgage backed securities crisis along with Wall Street. Now, have an oil crisis with prices falling by over $100 a barrel similar to the MBS crisis, because all of the sudden we are deflating the price because we became producers of oil, rather than consumption.

The next President of the United States has to worry about making sure we don’t default on what we owe and fix the real economic problem. And, that person isn’t Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. If we don’t get it right, the entire world’s economy is at risk of falling.

This is why I stand by this subject of this blog. America hasn’t been the greatest country in the world for the last 16 years. Hopefully, a new candidate emerges, such as former Mayor Bloomberg, that maybe can help America when its most vulnerable. The other two idiots, in the political parties we have, don’t have a clue.

And, here’s a personal message to Donald Trump. Hitler lost, and so will you, because you’re acting like a bastard just like him. Your family made its money through real estate, hotels, and brothels (yes, hookers). And, then you filed for bankruptcy to make yourself rich again. The world needs a real leader; you are far from that. You are just a racist bastard like Hitler.

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