10 Bad Habits That a Lot of People Actually Have

Jill Hanna
Written by Jill Hanna

We all have bad habits. Some people don’t want to own up to them, but we all do things that we probably should lay off of. What we don’t do enough is confess our bad habits, but we really should just put our dirty laundry out there. Why? Because when we read about other people’s “flaws,” frankly, we like it. We feel less alone in our oddities, quirks, and mistakes. So with that said, here are some things that a lot of us do, and don’t necessarily own up to because we’re “adults.” Let’s just be honest here, what does it really mean to be an adult anyway?

1) Nail biting while watching tv, or working, or talking to a friend. Pretty much whenever.

Nail biting doesn’t always stop when you’ve outgrown your youth. And it doesn’t always happen when you’re explicitly nervous about something. Sometimes, you just bite your nails because they seem too long and you’re too lazy to grab the nail clippers.

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2) Peeling off nail polish.

Sometimes, when you’re anxious, (or just don’t feel like taking out your nail polish remover) do you just take out your anxiety on your nails? Do you ever just grab a corner of your polish, and pull until it satisfyingly comes off the top of your nail in one full piece? Ah, the glory.

3) Not returning work emails when you see them.

You click that little “star” next to the email to flag it for response. But you don’t respond. At least not yet. You like to say that you’re giving yourself time to think about how to respond. But the reality is, you don’t want to look like you’re just sitting at the computer obsessively checking email (even though you are). If you take a while to respond, you look busier and therefore more desirable. It’s like dating, and how you don’t want the other person to think you’re desperate. Right?

4) Taking a nap at inopportune times.

Sometimes, when you know you have a lot to do, you take a nap. It’s partly because you know that when you wake up, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the problems. But ok, who are you kidding? It’s mostly because you’re really anxious about it and want to just peace out and get away from the problem for five minutes (or 2 hours). Even though you could skip the nap and get the thing taken care of, and then feel better also.

5) Waiting until the gas light in your car comes on, then you still have “10 miles remaining” before refilling your tank.

You little rebel you. When the idea of getting in line at Costco for gas doesn’t appeal to you, you push your car to the limit so that you only get gas when you absolutely have to. Plus, isn’t there a little bit of excitement in knowing you may run out of gas idling in line, and have to push your car up to the gas pump? No? Just me?

6) Eating while preparing a meal.

Yeah, admit it, you got full from licking cooking dough off the spoon and bowl. And you basically ate a large appetizer while preparing dinner. Hopefully you weren’t on a diet. Oh yeah, and remember that time the chips never made it into your lunchbox for tomorrow, because you ate them while making your lunch? Whoops.

7) Doing work in front of the television.

Our generation is all about multitasking, right? If you can respond to some emails while watching Modern Family, more power to you? Oh shoot, there’s a typo. And you hit send too soon. Maybe not the best idea.

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8) Bringing the computer to bed.

All those “health” articles tell us that bringing technology with us into bed is not a good idea. But we do it anyway because it’s just so much fun to fall asleep to an episode of House of Cards. What else are you gonna do, read an actual book?

9) Getting all your news from BuzzFeed.

You’ve got a Masters in Politics, but you don’t actually read The Wall Street Journal that you subscribe to. Why? Because Buzzfeed is just that much more fun for news. They have so many pictures!

10) Putting on makeup for a casual day out.

Definitely a “girl world” problem here…where you’re programmed to feel like you need to look put together all the time. You do this even though you know it’s not good for your skin to have makeup on all the time, and even though you know the people you see at the grocery store are not all that important in your life. They definitely don’t need to see you on your “A game” while you’re buying cantaloupe.

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