The 8 Best Risks to Take to See What Life is All About

Lidiya K
Written by Lidiya K

The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.
Mark Zuckerberg

Everything that’s uncertain, new, a bit scary, adventurous, or not proven, is a risk.

We’re living in a world where mediocrity is the norm. And anything out of the ordinary is considered bad, crazy, weird, etc.

But it’s also what successful people have done, what independent entrepreneurs, digital nomads, extraordinary people and passionate artists are doing every single day.

So it must lead to a happy, meaningful and peaceful life.

And in order to be one of them, you’ll need to take risks. You’ll need to get out of your comfort zone, break free from the chains, leave the old you behind and go out there.

Here are things that might be risky, but are worth doing:

1. Giving that relationship a chance.

Many people miss out on having a great time with another person, or even their soul-mate, only because they’re not sure he’s the right match and decide to move on.

They think it may go wrong. But what if it turns out the be the best decision you’ve ever taken?
You’ll never know how your life with another person might be if you haven’t tried.

2. Starting your own business.

Becoming self-employed is one of the best things you can do. It’s a journey that might take you to different versions of the life you’ve imagined, but that can also end bad.

If it doesn’t work out, it either means you weren’t prepared, didn’t plan things out, didn’t work hard enough, weren’t consistent and didn’t give it enough time, didn’t make the needed sacrifices, etc.

Fail many times, and what you’ll have left is the thing that works.
So many people have failed in this, but tried again – often in a completely different field.

3. Bungee jumping.

That’s probably the best description of what fear is, how to overcome it and what happens after that.

When you‘re up there and every cell of your body makes you step back and your mind is on the verge of exploding because it produces a huge number of excuses as to why you shouldn’t jump right now, you get the best answer of what fear is.

At this moment you’re also sure that there’s only one way to handle things and you’ll regret not doing it – to jump.

There’s no other way to overcome your fear than to simply do it. And when your body is in the air, you realize you also get to see what freedom looks like.

You realize that things are beautiful, what scares you is not scary, you’re capable of more than you think and you can actually achieve anything. You feel alive and in the end you leave with the most valuable lesson – the moment before facing your fear is what’s really terrifying, while the action itself is nothing like that. Which means that all fears are irrational.

Taking risks like these can make you stronger and bring excitement into your days.

4. Being brutally honest.

Not many try this one, but it’s a major step to success, simplifying life and relationships and achieving emotional freedom.

It’s a risk you’ll have to take at some point if you want to change.

You’ll need to be honest with yourself and with others. That includes admitting mistakes, saying what you think, telling someone you love them (or that you don’t), and so on.

5. Speaking up.

That can take many forms. The point is that expressing your opinion is crucial.

Even if it’s in front of hundreds of people, or more, or just in front of your loved ones, or all your relatives (which can often be harder), you need to say what you feel must be said.

It’s risky as you will be judged (Inevitable!), some won’t approve, others may be disappointed, and a relationship can be ruined because of that.

But still, that’s one of the best risks to take in life.

6. Trying something new.

Uncertainty is one of the most common fears people share.

Even not being social, going out, getting fit, starting a new job and changing habits are often caused by our fear of becoming another person, having new things in life and not knowing whether we can handle them.

But trying something new is the foundation of progress. Otherwise technology, and everything you see around you right now, wouldn’t be here.

7. Traveling.

You haven’t truly lived if you haven’t seen other places in the world.
The one you grew up may be wonderful and exactly what you need, but traveling has much more to offer than just mind-blowing views.

It’s about expanding your horizons, growing on the inside while going to new places, seeing yourself in another environment, meeting people, getting a taste of their culture, being inspired, finding out new things about yourself.

And once you come back, the photos won’t be the only new thing in your life. You’ll have achieved much more.
In fact, you most probably won’t be the same person you were before leaving your country.

8. Doing the wrong thing.

Mistakes and failures are the greatest teachers.
The experience is so powerful that it changes us. And if we manage not to fall into the trap of regrets and losing hope, we can change for the better.

So even if you think there’s a 50% chance of failure, and others consider it the wrong choice, just do it.
You’ll never know until you try.

But most of the time such risks give birth to something amazing.

So which of these 8 have you done? And, what other risks are there in life that we must take in order to change, grow and achieve more?

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