The Best Interview I Have Done in a Long, Long Time

Mark Cuban
Written by Mark Cuban

One of the challenges of doing a lot of interviews is that inevitably I am asked different versions of the same questions over and over again. For the first time in a long time I can say I actually got asked unique questions that put a smile on my face. They were short. Simple. To the point. They were perfect for the reporter’s audience.

Shockingly I had never been asked any of them before.

Here it is:

​Dear Mr. Cuban,

My name is Mauricio Vazquez. Today you visited M*****o Middle School to talk to over 100 business students (thank you by the way). I’m a reporter for the school newspaper and we would be incredibly thankful if you could answer a few questions for an interview. If you choose to do so, the segment would be featured in the April issue. Please answer the following questions in however many words you feel is enough and send it to Mrs. Hopkins.

Q: What’s the wallpaper on your phone and/or computer?

     A: Picture of my family on my phone, me shooting hoops on PC.

Q: What’s the one word you are guilty of using too often?

     A: Right. I say it far too often and cannot break the habit!

Q: What is the last thing you searched on Google?

     A: A workout schedule at my gym.

Q: Who is the last person that called or texted you?

     A: David Falk.

Q: What was the last awkward situation you were in and how did you handle it?

     A: Forgot a belt, had to buy one at a store.

Q: What TV show should everyone be watching?

     A: Shark Tank!

Q: What’s the first CD you bought?

     A: Don’t remember.

Q: What is the one food you cannot resist?

     A: Alyssa’s Healthy Cookies

Q: What music are you currently listening to?

     A: Lots of Old School Hip Hop

Q: What movie makes you laugh the most?

     A: Any stupid movie. The dumber the better

Q: What drives you absolutely crazy?

     A: People who eat with their mouth open

If you do not feel comfortable answering one of the questions above, by all means do not answer it. It was an honor being able to meet you. You are a inspiration to people from all walks of life.

Best interview questions in a long, long time.

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