Contour Your Life

Maya Sarihan
Written by Maya Sarihan

I was first introduced to contouring by Dress Your Face’s Tamanna Roashan; a make up artist who started her own empire, world tour, and website by mastering this technique.  She’s an inspiring young entrepreneur, and most importantly she contours like a BOSS. For those of you who don’t know, contouring is the process of using dark and light foundation shades to give one’s face the appearance of shadows. A.k.a. liquid gold.

To put a long story short, I have truly embraced the contouring lifestyle and it’s easy to see why you should too.

Embracing this lifestyle doesn’t mean you should head out to Sephora and buy Bobbi Brown’s newest foundation in two shades darker than your natural skin tone (though it couldn’t hurt), it means, in principle, to enhance your strengths and embrace your flaws. It’s easy to get started by just following these 5 simple steps.

1)  Wash Your Face – The first step to any make up routine is to wash your face. It enables you to have a clean and cleansed canvas to do your make up on. Equate this to giving yourself a fresh start every morning. You owe it to yourself. If you wake up holding on to the previous day’s baggage, you’ll never be able to be successful. Don’t get held up on anything, whether it was yesterday’s party or last month’s break up, its all about today.

2) Moisturizer The second step to any make up routine is applying a nice moisturizer all over your skin that meets your skin’s needs (God created “Clinique” for a reason). Equate this to nutrition. Give your entire body and mind the proper foods, vitamins, and minerals necessary for it to function & flourish to its greatest potential. Don’t wait for a scare to realize that health is literally everything.

3) Concealer – Lets be real, no one’s skin is perfect. Whether it’s acne or dark spots, the next step in a make up routine is to utilize a small amount of concealer to blend your problem spots in with the rest of your complexion. Again, equate this to recognizing your problem areas.

The secret to perfect skin is knowing where you breakout and how to prevent it from happening, similarly, the secret to a good life is knowing where your problems lie and how to fix them. Of course you need to work on, rather than conceal, many of your problems, but regardless, you don’t need to let them be the first thing people see. A little concealer can build a lot of confidence and positivity, something you need in order to fix life’s little blunders.

4) Contouring – Next, using a brighter shade of foundation, enhance the features you love, and with a darker shade, shadow the features you don’t particularly love so much. Equate this to putting your best foot forward in life. 

Are you a great public speaker? Awesome. Then enhance that – go out and look for opportunities in which you can exercise your talent and make sure it’s visible to the world. Bad at math? Recognize that, and make sure to devote a little extra time to ensure you can pass the class, seek help, and make sure to throw some shade on it… (a.k.a. don’t major in math if you can’t do it!)

5) Blend – This is key. I think many women can relate to me on this one, PLEASE BLEND YOUR CONTOUR. Blending the shades on your skin enable you to have an even complexion and avoid that streaky look. Equate this to blending all the aspects of your personality to be who you really are. Don’t hide behind your contour, don’t just shade one area, conceal the other, brighten the center, and expect to shine. Instead, blend all aspects of who you are, the good which you’ve enhanced and the not so good which you’ve worked on to make less noticeable to finally achieve your finished balanced (and fabulous) product.

Recognize that I’m not body shaming. In fact, you wont find me wearing much make up on an ordinary day. Frankly I don’t think there’s anything wrong with acne or dark spots, or flaws in general. In fact, flaws make us who we are. But, what the contouring lifestyle is about, is embracing your issues head on, and instead of shaming yourself for them, loving everything about them.

There are times in our lives where we find our flaws (whatever they may be) unbearable, and we begin to hide ourselves behind a curtain of issues, whether it’s as trivial as acne scars or being over-weight. A lot of the times these issues come up in a phase of our lives where the stress of other larger impending tasks is too much to make the drastic changes necessary to fix them, and we are left hating ourselves for something we’ve become. It’s for those times I say, contour.

Concealing your issues is not the answer, but embracing them and attacking them head on doesn’t mean you have to punish yourself in the process. Maybe being a size 4 is your goal and right now you’re a size 14, with a big goal ahead of you all the more you should still look your best, be your best, and work on achieving your goals with a positive attitude. If something inhibits your ability to feel confident, DO something about it.

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