8 Reasons Why A Platonic Relationship Is Worth Your Time

Maya Sarihan
Written by Maya Sarihan

It Literally Lasts Forever.

What do you call someone who knows all your dirty secrets? Your best friend. Essentially a platonic best friendship is forever. Imagine a relationship where you can never get jealous of each other, never have a crush on the same person, and never step into each other’s territory.

But, unlike a boyfriend or girlfriend, who could possibly be in process of dumping you as we speak (not to put you on guard), platonic best friends don’t just end it because they aren’t “feeling it anymore”. By the same token, nor will you. If one of you isn’t feeling it, you slap some sense into them and carry on.

They Get Your Personality.


You may have beautiful hair and a fantastic body, but that is not exactly what your platonic BFF cares about… or rather… even notices.

Your bond with your platonic best friend surpasses the typical hormonal bond we share with most people our age because neither party has any physical intentions. This throws out the distractions and you end up with a best friend who truly picked you out of all the possible best friendship options because of your character, values, and personality over your good looks.

You Learn About the Opposite Sex.

Your hot date is trying, you’ll never see how nervous he or she was before coming to see you, how many outfits they tried on, or what exactly was going through their head during dinner. A platonic best friend gives you a behind the scenes look on how similar guys are to girls and vice versa. From a female perspective, it enables you to understand that maybe if your boyfriend didn’t respond to your text, he actually was playing FIFA for 4 hours. That he also is texting his BFFs during that date, that if he forgot your anniversary, he also forgot mothers day… and Memorial Day… and … well, you get the idea. On the boy’s end of the deal, they learn that “K” is definitely not an acceptable response to a paragraph text, which I’m sure, will go a long way.

You Don’t Need to Impress.


Your platonic best friend will always know what you’re capable of without you sign posting it. If you failed a class, you don’t have to give an explanation. Your PBF knows it’s because you started Orange Is The New Black 3 days before your final even though you warned them not to.

But they still think you’re as smart as they thought you were when you aced your Thermodynamics exam.

Your PBF knows everything about you, there’s no pretention here, so gone are the lofty explanations for every failure and casual name-droppings of every success. Your platonic best friend knows exactly how many filters you put on that selfie to get 100 likes and you know what, they helped you pick them out!

You Get the Best Advice.


When you love someone, your advice can be bias or partial to maintain peace in the relationship. But with PBF, you say it and get it exactly how it is, especially for those hard hitting questions like, “Have I gained weight?” “Yes you have at least 10 pounds.” Or, “Does this haircut make me look cool?” “No, more like a try hard.”

As elaborated upon earlier, there is no ulterior motive so frankly; they have no reason to not tell you the truth.

You Still Get Sh!t Done.


Majority relationships have one of two side affects, extreme drama or extreme comfort. While having a loyal significant other may entice you to miss that career fair and having a wandering one may entice you to stalk his or her Facebook (lightly of course), both are a wonderful way to waste time. Your Platonic best friend on the other hand is never your number one priority, you both make sure that your life is on check and since there are no mushy feels and emotions, its easy to concentrate on what’s most important.

Your Future Depends On It.


You will have to work with people of the opposite gender when you grow up, without utilizing your sexuality in any way. Having a platonic best friend prepares you for that. You begin to understand how to come across as friendly without being flirty, and how to maintain boundaries in an appropriate but not so awkward way.

You Don’t Miss Out.


Of course you wont be single forever (I mean I guess there’s no guarantee), but in the mean time, you don’t have to miss out on the benefits of having the company, advice, and perspective of the opposite gender in your life. It’s not just fun and refreshing, but enables you to become a more understanding, wholesome, and confident person.

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