Intelligence Vs. Creativity

Intelligence Vs. Creativity Nik Sharma BeLimitless
Nik Sharma
Written by Nik Sharma

As we were all once children, we all share a similar experience of different educational infrastructures. At the end of the day, we all strive for one thing – the 100% or an “A”as the ultimate outcome.It has been ingrained in our brains that this high standard grade or number would get us into a good college, ultimately trickling into successful career.

We were taught that the people who could solve problems more efficiently, retain more vocabulary words, and pick up on another language more quickly were those who were going to end up as the CEO, or on Wall Street in the future. Those faces would be the ones to make a front-page success story.

When we saw someone who secured that perfect score, the room would fill with envy. “Why can’t I be just like that person?”, is the typical thought that stung in people’s minds. This gnawing question instinctively brought out the competitive nature within children starting at a young age.

As we grew up, intelligence and creativity carried two separate and distinct meaning, and of the two, intelligence won the battle of betterment.

There has never been an accredited praise for those who could cheer up a fellow student, complete their homework on time, have an outside job, make a teacher laugh, or even start a small business. Kids who couldn’t afford a department store wardrobe would make their own clothing, yet again no praise would be awarded to the one person who dared to embrace their creativity and stand out.

So, what happened to those who didn’t make the top 10% of their class? They grew up feeling inferior to the others. Rather than being praised for their creativity, they were called “lazy” or “not a hard worker.” All due to their lack of achieving a 2300+ on their SAT, or an A in their mathematics class.

These ‘unintelligent’ kids were told to give up their “silly passions” so they could perform better and compete with their “intelligent” classmates. Rather than diving into their creativity and passion to find a new way to learn, schools pushed their talents down and told them there is only one way to learn. Luckily, that is slowly changing.

Problems Don’t Exist.

Creativity comes from the premise of mistakes. When you come across a certain unfamiliar ordeal, your approach defines you as either a leader or a follower. In most quantitative problems, a mistake means trying again. But, for the creative minds, that means trying something a different way. When one embraces their true self and chooses to stand out from those around them, they become a follower of themselves, ultimately leading to a self-discovered intelligence combined with passion and yearning for something new.

On your path of an idea, you thought of something new. And maybe with that you found a mistake, so you found another method to achieve that new idea… one that worked. The creativity never sleeps, it just wants more and more. Creativity is what fuels mankind, yet it is such a shunned force that society blindly looks past.

The creative are the gurus of overcoming obstacles. Why? Because there’s no such word as “obstacle,” it’s seen as another opportunity. There’s no set blueprint of what must be done to become successful, they follow their own road. There’s no dictation of society to tell them what may be considered right or wrong.

Follow Your Passion.

There are two kinds of people: those who have the courage to go ahead and follow their passion, and those who simply don’t.

We are all born with a bundle of creativity, but those who have undying passion and courage are the only ones who will protect that, and move forward. You have one life, and you can either spend it chasing your dreams, or chasing money.

Seeing your dream come true brings out a much bigger feeling than does seeing a bank statement. Creative people race for a richness that money can’t buy, one that can only be discovered within oneself. The hunger for creativity that lives within us is waiting to be fed at any given moment.

Creativity is Always Intelligence.

Though there are indeed “intelligent” people who are creative, there’s no doubt that each creative person has a vein of genius in them. All it takes is acceptance of that vein, so that the spark can ignite a fire.

While we should always show respect for those who can solve a quadratic equation solely in their head, there should also be an appreciation for those who can sculpt with their hands, create effortless art, express emotions through movement, or write a song.

There is genius in those who can write a song that not only brings out pain and joy, but also empathy and compassion. There is brilliance in music that can make someone feel less alone and more alive. There is wisdom in those who can deny the typical path of life and branch off to create their own.

Creative people are those who invented platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; the same people who created Apple and Microsoft.

“Challenge yourself creatively and take the big leap… Make your dreams a reality!” – Dr. Seuss   

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