How to “Regina George” A Fancy Restaurant

Nik Sharma
Written by Nik Sharma

Boring evening? Boring date? I’m sure this article will help you think of something.

It’s always funny to go to a fancy restaurant or a “fine establishment” and take a date/friend to give him or her a good laugh. I know I have one friend that wherever we go, we cause trouble. So next time you go out in public, and want to cause a scene, here are seven ways to do it.

Leave long pauses between sentences or words.


Pretend you speak their language. The reaction – priceless.


Make eye contact and don’t speak.


The $1-in-Water Tip. Save this for last, but only if they gave bad service.


When you call them, wave them down.


Get really personal with your waiter. Talk about “feelings.”


Make your order really complicated, and don’t let them question you.

Can I get a chicken salad, no chicken, add steak. Add avocado, but only 3 pieces. Oh, and tomatoes cut in a triangular shape. Just tell the chef, he’ll know who I am. Also I’m allergic to the other ways.


Feel free to enjoy the “Mean Girls” best moments, below!

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