The Reality of Taking Summer College Courses

Rachel Lewis
Written by Rachel Lewis

Now that finals are over all you want to do is just bury yourself in your bed for the rest of the year. Trust me, I do, too. However, this isn’t high school anymore. Back then, it was okay to finally just relax, hang out with friends, and MAYBE get a summer job. Finishing my freshman year of college was exhausting and I’m basically not capable to even pick up a pencil anymore, but the time has come to decide if taking summer classes is really the right fit.

As a business major, I’m going to be taking at least one math class each semester for the rest of my college career. For my situation it would be smart to knock out one of those math classes balanced with a more interesting course, such as Psychology. Talking to my counselor I found out that you really should limit yourself to two college courses for the summer because after that it borderlines being impossible. We forgot that these are 8-week courses, meaning you have to do a normal semester’s work, but in half the time. Stressful, right?

Never overwhelm yourself with summer classes, college shouldn’t be rushed. The reality is that summer courses, whether it’s Calculus or Cooking, is time-consuming and not easy. Research is key when finding the right summer classes for you. It’s nice to get some units out of the way but some courses (e.g Calc) can take a mental toll.

You need to be here to make sure that you are doing your best (besides, who wants to be jobless with nothing to do?). This is the time for you to also be challenging yourself and broadening your horizons. If you have absolutely nothing to do this summer, take an awesome photography course, learn to do intermediate yoga exercises, etc. Take the time you find something you enjoy.

Personally, I’m getting rid of Psychology and Statistics while I can because I HATE those courses. I’d rather take those classes in half the time and not have to worry about them ever again. Not only that, taking summer classes just makes me feel good about myself. Constantly having something to do with my summer gives me stability in my life if I’m being completely honest. I’m completely happy just studying and working and occasionally meeting up with my old high school friends.

Summer classes are not for everyone, so don’t just take my advice. Talk to an experienced counselor first because they are there solely to help you succeed. Find something that’ll be the right fit for you and enjoy the summer! How awesome does studying while tanning at the beach sound? I can’t wait.

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