“Go With All Your Heart.”

Sneha Trikha
Written by Sneha Trikha

It has been said “Wherever you go, Go with all your heart” and rightly so! Have you ever felt your magical energy of the soul uplift when you so much as seed the thought of travel in your mind? Well, you begin your journey the minute the thought so much as crosses your mind and that is when your soul is stirred to manifest a journey to remember!

What I mean by traveling with your soul is actually quite simple. You just need to let life flow, enjoy the stillness and beauty of the unknown. When your mind is on vacation mode time seems to stand still and by that you surely do experience a Zen state of mind, devoid of clutter and apprehension.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life to escape us.”

Well, not literally but these short travel breaks, could be just the weekend spent at the beach with a loved one, or camping the night out at the hills teaches us how we all just belong to the infinite universe where nature balms our soul and that is the reason we come back feeling rejuvenated, almost better than the greatest massage at a quaint massage parlor in Bali!

How do the imprints of physically traveling remain on our soul? Here’s how:

Our soul is energy and so is everything around us.

Learn to read the vibes and vibe with what is around us.

Live, breathe and eat around local cultures, you are in fact meeting their energies in the process.

Imbibe and allow yourself to just BE in the present moment. The truth is, the soul knows no time!

It is the nature of our soul to feel connected to beautiful people and beautiful places alike.

Allow yourself to live completely while you have your travel shoes on, and that is when you will experience YOURSELF to the fullest.

Sensory perceptions play a huge role in engaging with your soul and a travel space! It could be the gorgeous sunset at the beach, A beautiful flower that is bright red, A baby running on the sand. Stop and take the time to notice and really imbibe the beauty that is nature.

See your world through the eyes of your soul and you will live more holistically.

Be Happy. Travel Often and Wide.

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