Man’s Best Friend

Sneha Trikha
Written by Sneha Trikha

Dogs are miracles with paws.

Everyone deserves a best friend, but the friendship and loyalty you get from your dog is unconditional; that’s what makes the friendship most special.

For those who have loved dogs, spent time with one, and worse, lost one; would know just what I am talking about. The beauty of taking this guy on a walk or just spending time lounging with him on the couch after a long day. There’s no better way to release stress and bond with the most loyal best friend.

When you feel the day needs an unwind recipe, try spending some time with your dog. Although he can’t speak to you, he knows exactly how you feel without you saying much. He has his way of making you feel loved and expecting absolutely nothing in return.

As Groucho Mark rightly said,

Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.

Cuddling with your pup brings out the best in you. Dogs have this potential to tell when thier owner acts differently and responds in the most sensitive manner ever. Whether its his game of ball, or taking a run at the beach there will not be a moment of loneliness with your dog around.

The doleful eyes when he waits for his treat, or his absolute intelligence to understand your tone when you mean business. All his love and habits are priceless. Take the time to notice this love and when you experience this bond with your pet. The true meaning of friendship and its true essence will come to light.

Loyalty; a quality that most humans in our day and age waiver with, well this guy won’t let you down! He is always there to be counted on through thick and thin, sometimes amusing you with his antics and constantly being your go-to person, and you can be rest assured that your stories are safe with him!

The journey of life is sweeter when you travel with your dog.

Remember when the hand you wish to hold fails, the miracle paw will make up for more than you can imagine!

Enjoy life with the most loyal companion possible!

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