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I Don’t Have Time…

Thara Natalie
Written by Thara Natalie

We all know this lingo all too well don’t we?

How many things could we do throughout the day to create the time that we need? What things could we remove from our day that are time wasters? How can we prioritize our day better to make time for the important things like making healthy meals and exercising?

How many unnecessary phone calls do we have gossiping about nonsense or how many times a day do we scroll through our Facebook feed? Or what TV show do we watch that maybe we just shouldn’t give up our time to? Or maybe it’s just about scheduling things better and consolidating our time. Reaching out to someone and asking for help or creating a carpool so it frees up some time for you one day of the week.

There are a lot of ways that we can create time, if only we truly WANT to. It’s funny how we can find time to go out with friends or go watch a movie when we decide to make this a priority. You have to prioritize your health first and foremost. Now is the time, there’s no time for excuses.

So stop finding reasons why you can’t, and look for reasons why you MUST!

It’s easy to start!

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