Date Night Advice For First Dates

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As modern young girls, we have heard dating “rules” since we started wearing training bras and talking about our first crushes. Some of these rules have been around since the beginning of time, and by the time we reach our mid twenties we have heard them all. Most of the time, we think these rules do not hold up for our generation. But if there is one rule that is still relevant; it is definitely sticking to a real date, as in table service, as your first date with a guy.

As much as we love our sweat pants and couch after a long work week, you should never ever agree to staying in for a “movie night” if a new guy asks you to pick the locale of your first date. First of all, if you hardly know the guy, what if, despite great text and phone banter, when you see each other, you don’t like each other? What if you really didn’t know about his super religious family that you can’t relate to, or that he was married before? Wouldn’t those “little” details be best digested in public?

A date night “in” as a first date is asking for a lot of pressure, and a whole lot of awkwardness. You are taking a huge risk to spend minutes that inch by like hours being nervous, talking about the weather, experiencing deafening silences during the awkward lapses in conversation.

Beyond all that, let’s talk about sex. The guy basically set himself up for a home run since you’re already all snuggled up on the couch. He will most definitely at least try and kiss you. Since you’re conveniently already in a make out position with no exit strategy or clear end to the date, there isn’t non-awkward way to get out of this.

So because the aforementioned scenario sounds like a complete nightmare, below are 4 reasons why a dinner date out will save you from the possibility of a horrible date:

1. Servers, bartenders, and random patrons will interrupt you: When you are at a restaurant on a date, your conversation will 100% get interrupted. You need to place an order, you need to hear about the specials, etc. Having someone come up and interrupt creates less pressure to fill every minute with small talk. Other restaurant patrons help physically fill the silence, but additionally, people watching is an excellent thing to shake up any awkward silences. Bonding over laughs about the crazy lady with the 4 foot updo is funny, and puts you at ease.

2. You can skip the weather talk: Since you’re at a restaurant you have more things to discuss than how rainy it was the whole week. You can ask questions about what they like to eat, if they have been there before, what their favorite food is etcetera. These are not only way more interesting than weather banter, but they help you get to know your date.

3. The date has an official end: Since a meal was to be had, once it is finished, the date can be too! Even if he asks to go to a second location post dinner, you have about every logical excuse in the book to use, so no worries! You agreed to go to dinner, and you did. No awkward wondering when it is polite to excuse yourself or not.

4. You don’t have to kiss him if you don’t want to: We’ve all been there, on dates with guys we have zero interest in. If you are out on a date, when he tries to kiss you, you don’t feel as awkward giving him your cheek. Why? Cause you’re in public! For all this guy knows you are a very reserved non-PDA type.

Yes, chill movie nights are definitely the best kind of date, but they need to come later in the dating process. Even though it does sometime sucks to put on your “face”, heels, and a hot dress, you need to consider the nightmare date scenario you are potentially entering when you agree to a date night in.

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