Gurbaksh Chahal | 10 Ways Confidence is a Reflection of Your Success


Gurbaksh Chahal Motivational

August 26, 2014

Confidence is a Reflection of Your Success

Confidence. It’s something we all have, but with various levels. It’s what makes the difference between closing a deal and waiting for a call back. It’s what makes the difference between achieving your dream and living a static life. Confidence is key – we’ve all heard it.

When you’re confident, you feel good. You think big, you’re positive, and you emit envious vibes. People want to know more about you, how you became that way. They become intrigued.

Here are 10 ways to improve self-confidence:


Do things that make you genuinely happy, and increase your confidence. When you can focus, you can create a masterpiece. A masterpiece will not only contribute to your success, but also to your self confidence.


Time is precious. There’s no need to dissipate your time for something not on your list of goals. Learn to refuse politely without feeling guilty. Value your time, and others will follow. Respect your time and energy.

Putting Others in Place.

Sometimes it may be crucial to put someone back in his/her place. It’s detrimental to stand up for yourself, otherwise you’ll be the game piece, not the player.

Don’t become scared to confront people, and don’t feel guilty to stand up for yourself. There will always be people who need to be put in check from time to time.

Don’t Compromise Yourself.

You may think you have to sacrifice something to win something else. You don’t. In fact, what you’ll end up doing is resenting the reason for which you sacrificed in the first place.

Do What You’re Supposed To Do.

Don’t focus on what others are doing, focus on what you should be doing. It will bring you more happiness, less stress, and you will be able to focus on yourself more. And, if it brings joy and peace, keep doing it.


Just because you’re blind of what’s ahead, don’t make rational decisions to compromise. Be patient and wait if that’s the last option.

Sometimes you get an opportunity to do nothing, and be nothing to start fresh on your next venture. You need to empty the cup before you can fill it up again, right?


Go over your past actions, see what was positive, what was negative, how you affected yourself, and how you affected others. Do so without judgement.

Don’t try to change anything; observe everything the exact way it is. What has happened, happened. There is nothing you can do other than learn from it.

Don’t Over-Explain.

People who know you, know you. That’s a fact. There’s no need to over-sell yourself.

Remove Yourself.

If you’re in an environment where you feel unwanted, or you’re not acknowledged, then it’s time for change.

Be Smart.

“Time is a precious commodity.”

Be smart with your time, it’s limited. Spend time with people who make you a better person, people who make you laugh, people who embrace your presence. Be smart and be creative.

Spend time with yourself. Confidence comes from knowing yourself. Your needs. Your passions. Your dreams. You have to be your own best friend before you can expect others to give you that title.

As I mentioned earlier, “Live in such a way, that if someone spoke badly of you, no one would believe it.”