Gurbaksh Chahal | How Being Vulnerable Allows You to Succeed in Life

How to Succeed in Life

Having a rough morning? Place your hand over your heart. Feel that? That’s called purpose. Don’t ever give up.

Everyone struggles with insecurities. They make us vulnerable. And, they either make us or break us.

We all have them, after all we’re humans. It’s how we deal with them that separate us. We have this inner voice inside us that reveals our insecurities, some call it intuition. Whether that’s not always having the answer or being the only person in a conversation who is clueless on what everyone else is talking about — comes from this place.

As the world of social media has made us more connected, people now more than ever look for affirmations from others. But, that is a never ending battle that has defeat written all over it. Listen to me when I say this. No one cares about your insecurities and getting someone to say good things about you, won’t help you. We are all mortals. None us are perfect. These imperfections are what allow us to make a dent in this world. As humans, we were designed to be imperfect. So, we can learn, make ourselves better and eventually try our level best in making our world into a better place.

These days, we drain ourselves by thinking how the outside world thinks of us. It’s pointless. Since, that is just our insecurities speaking out loud. Some people react by having a natural defense mechanism – by putting their critics down in order to make them feel better. That’s the wrong path. That’s not a path forward, that’s a step backward. To rid yourself of your insecurities you must accept who you are. Be proud of being unique. Realize no one is perfect. If you’re stuck right now because of something, understand pain is temporary and life will get better. You are the only person responsible for your own happiness.

As humans, we should all focus on challenging our comfort zones, be ready to adapt to changes and check our egos at the door. By getting out of our comfort zones, being vulnerable, it allows us to deal with what life throws at us. That’s what makes us unique and magical. You will realize the world isn’t coming to an end in the wake of vulnerability. Rather, vulnerability helps create a more meaningful life through deeper connections, boosted confidence, more learning opportunities and growth through mental freedom.

It’s easier said than done, but it’s perfectly doable with practice. First, you must acknowledge the place you are at now and the person you are at this point in your life. Then grow toward that vision of your best self. Otherwise, most of your energy will be wasted on hiding your real purpose in life – and not allow yourself to be vulnerable and grow.

If you continue to deny or hide those things about yourself that make you vulnerable, you will essentially continue to tell yourself a story about how “unworthy,” “unlikable,” “weird” or “different” you are. Let me be the first to say. It’s good to be different. Cue the never-ending, self-defeating thoughts and comparisons to others. Because there is a mysterious creature of unique beauty…you.

In life, vulnerability is our deepest connection. Real conversations and deep connections are cultivated when you come from a place of truth rather than speaking from a camouflage upheld by insecurities.

When speaking from your heart, you ignite your expressions with passion, and people become drawn to you. Sincerity goes a long way in exuding confidence. You give more energy to things that come from inside of you, which are the real parts of who you are. Even if it’s hard to confront, you are doing yourself and the world a huge service by doing so. That’s because vulnerability is a genuine form of love.

To truly love and be loved, we must express our entire, whole, true selves. Love is a deep connection to all parts of a person, not just the pretty, easy, uncomplicated parts. We cannot become our best selves by becoming carbon copies of other people. The world needs you — all of you — and all of who you really are. The world already has enough of everyone else.

Do things right, from a place of honesty with yourself. Think of ways you can release that mental blockage and be the special person you truly are. Embrace vulnerability, and you’ll start living a more loving, confident, and true life.

After all, the world needs more authenticity than the darkness it’s surrounded by.

So, Just Be You…

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