//Second Chances

Second Chances

This is likely to be my last blog for some time, as my work and philanthropy have taken up my time.

I wanted to hit on a topic that hits home for everyone.

Second Chances.

Imperfections are what make us. We are not perfect human beings. Yet we aspire others to be.

We are born into this world. We grow up. We decide what music, movies, and people that inspire us. Yet, we hold ourselves to a lower standard. But, others to a higher standard.

And, that’s what I never got in life. Why is everyone not at the same level? If a musician, movie star, celebrity, or family member were to do the something, our reactions are different. We give them a different medicine, and we give them a second chance.

Not ourselves.

Everyone is beautiful. Beauty is not decided by our inner or outer perception, but by noticing our imperfections.

That’s our humble medicine.

We decide imperfections of others but yet acknowledge our own at a different level. We can always still be, what we want to be, what we said to be, and what we were meant to be. And, then we can always pick it up and start over again. We give ourselves a second chance. Only then we escape it all, we move forward, and everything else – just becomes irrelevant.

That’s our own medicine.

And, I’m not a perfect human being, and I apologize to everyone that I’ve ever hurt.

That’s my medicine.

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