Gurbaksh Chahal | Why The Hustle Matters


Gurbaksh Chahal Entrepreneurship

September 8, 2014

Why The Hustle Matters

Hustle sometimes has a bad name. For me it doesn’t – it’s working toward your ambition surrounded by discipline and purpose.

There is a key difference between someone who is a hustler, and someone who will be invariably be hustled. Unfortunately, most people will continue to be hustled without the conscious attention to realize it.

Whether it’s getting exactly what you want, or forgetting to read between the lines, you will either define yourself as a hustler, or someone being hustled.

There is a difference in the mindset between someone who is a hustler, and someone who will never reach that level. There is a difference in motivation, in commitment, in loyalty, in self respect, and within the value you see in yourself. If you don’t have the hustler mindset, it’s hard to separate yourself from the stragglers and move towards achieving your goal.

Hustling, by definition, is not a crime. Of course, you’ve probably heard criminal acts are often associated with hustling, but success is, too. Hustlers don’t wait for a window of opportunity, they make the window and break through it.

It’s a life mentality, a mindset that all go-getters seem to be born with. Ultimately, when go-getters can’t get something, they figure out a way to make it. And that is the hustle.

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

Traditional or not, a hustler will get the job done. Confidence and passion are engraved in the mind. With those two factors, there is an undying ambition that will always ask for more until the world has become the hustlers playground.

The differences between someone who will struggle their whole life, and someone who will turn water into wine are these:

Work Ethic.

Time is the most important asset. Once that is lost, you can never gain it back. In one week, you have approximately 10,080 minutes. A hustler will make sure every minute is accounted for, and puts them in a position to have a better week ahead.

If you’re someone who has the same daily routine from 9-5, and you refuse to work past your paid hour of 5:00pm, you’re bound to be hustled. You’re someone who will make sure every vacation day, and sick day is used by the end of the year, and you will always walk in right at 9:01, never earlier.

Hard work is not something that you can wish for, it’s something that requires a change. A change in your mindset, a change in your lifestyle, a change in your dreams and ambitions.

Be someone who is determined to elevate yourself past others. Someone who cannot be stopped, someone who only accepts perfection. Lastly, someone who is willing to put in the blood, sweat, and tears to become the best person you believe you can be.

Smart Work.

A hustler knows that any system can be broken. Why? Because, they have a third eye. An eye most don’t have. This third eye is an eye for smart work. This is their advantage over everyone else.

There is hard work and there is smart work. Working hard means doing the most you can with the control and knowledge you have of the situation. Working smart means finding out and learning about the pieces you’re missing to invent a better system.

Having the ability to turn the table into your favor, that will set you apart as a hustler. Knowing what to say and respond by a combination of instinct and prior knowledge will put the advantage on your side.

Love the Hustle.

#DreamBigHustleHarder. Your ambition must exceed your talent. It creates a margin for you to use the third eye. It gives you purpose to go and figure out the unknown. Your ambition should make others think you’re crazy. It should make you so obsessed, that you eat, breathe, and sleep your hustle until you achieve your final goal.

You must realize that what you’re doing, has no obstacle. You have no one to prove anything to, but yourself. And when you’re done, your story will be retold.

As someone said it best, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

A hustler doesn’t know what a day off is. In fact, you’ll never have a successful person tell you they remember their last day off.

If you consider yourself an entrepreneur, consider yourself a hustler. Adapt the mindset, the lifestyle, the ambition. Don’t just want to take over the world, wake up every morning and expend a different action, everyday, to reach that goal.

Most importantly, “Never walk like you own the world, act as if you don’t care who does.”