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"If you genuinely want something, don’t wait for it - teach yourself to be impatient." –Gurbaksh Chahal

Gurbaksh is Chairman & CEO of RedLotus and the founder of Taara Labs, an incubator solving problems in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Data Sciences. He is a successful entrepreneur who has a passion for starting and growing companies that focus on cutting edge technologies. He is a firm believer that preserving the status quo is not a winning strategy.

Gurbaksh previously founded RadiumOne, BlueLithium, ClickAgents and The Chahal Foundation.

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Gurbaksh Chahal | The Abundance Principle

Once a man got lost in a desert. The water in his flask had run out two days ago, and he was on his last legs. He knew that if he didn’t get some water soon, he would surely die. The man saw a small hut ahead of him. He thought it would be a […]

Gurbaksh Chahal: The Butterfly Effect

In 1892 at Stanford University, an 18 year old student was struggling to pay his fees. He was an orphan, unsure where to turn for money, so he came up with a bright notion. He and a friend decided to host a musical concert on campus to raise money for their education. They reached out […]

Gurbaksh Chahal | How Your Ego Misjudges People

A lady in a faded grey dress and her husband, dressed in a home-spun suit walked in timidly without an appointment into a University President’s outer office. The Secretary could tell in a moment that such backwoods, country hicks had no business at their university and probably didn’t even deserve to be. “We want to […]