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Gurbaksh Chahal | 9 Habits That Will Make You A Success


Gurbaksh Chahal Motivational

March 13, 2015

Habits That Will Make You A Success

Some people dismiss intuition out-of-hand; they scornfully regard it as a lucky guess. Others, on the other hand, regard intuition as some kind of mystical power. For me, I think of it as a great gift that cannot be ignored and I agree with the statement of one well-known writer: “Intuition is seeing with the soul. It feeds the brain toward the right path.”

Having said that, intuition is also a phenomenon that scientists have identified as a remarkable brain activity.

I’m a firm believer in the power of intuition. I’ve trusted my instincts when I’ve made many vital decisions during the course of my journey of success and adversity. Beforehand, of course, I gather all of the data I can. I listen to the input of others. I weigh things up in my mind. Before, I make a decision.

At the end of the day, Intuition is based on logic; Passion is based on ego. Know the difference.

So what do intuitive people do instinctively that a lot of people don’t?

They pay attention to their inner voice

Intuitive people listen to their inner voice. Most of us experience the gut feeling that tells us to take a certain course of action, but many disregard their feeling when a business colleague or friend presents contradictory “evidence.” Or they kneel to the cultural bias against the relevance of intuition. Intuitive people have the strength of their convictions and act on what they feel. It’s more than “just a hunch.” They honor their gut feelings.

They’re open-minded

Intuitive people are open to change. They’re flexible. They don’t live a life in which their rational side is so rigid and so strong that it blocks the pathway to the power of intuition. They know there’s a cosmic force that will guide them along the right path.

They closely watch everything

Intuition is born out of experience. And experience comes from keep a close eye on the world around us: paying attention to the fine detail, observing people at work and people at play. In doing so you automatically compile an encyclopedia of knowledge that provides solid grounding for those gut-feeling decisions. It also develops your street smarts.

They know when to relax

People with great intuition also seem to have the ability to listen to their body and know when to take a break and recharge their batteries. It’s amazing what can happen when we step away from the intensity of the decision-making or problem-solving mode. We’ve all had that experience of struggling to solve a problem only for the answer to pop into our head as we’re taking a shower or falling asleep. And often when we first wake up after a good night’s sleep.

They take “alone time”

Intuitive people instinctively know the value of solitude—of stepping away from the hubbub and energy of a frenzied team of creative people. Taking “alone time” gives them the opportunity to quietly reflect on situations that they face and connect more profoundly with their inner wisdom. The outer noise can be a drumbeat that deafens your intuitive spark.

They pay attention to their bodies

Emotion and intuition are largely rooted in our “second brain” which is in our gut—hence the expression “gut feelings” and “going with your gut.” We’ve all experienced those warning sensations that start in the pit of our stomach…and sometimes are extremely powerful. We sense that something is wrong, really wrong, but we just can’t put our finger on it. But, then we listen to it.

They connect deeply with others

Intuitive people have the ability to empathize and connect with other people. That’s why they make good leaders. They tune in to the emotional needs of others and are responsive to those needs.

They work to stay calm

When you’re angry or depressed or in any kind of negative emotional state your judgment can become clouded. And your intuition can be completely turned off. So highly intuitive people consciously work on keeping calm and keeping their intuitive powers alive.

They think positively

Intuitive people—by and large—are positive thinkers. Their upbeat attitude towards life in general and adversity, in particular, gives them the freedom to accept their inner voice. It makes them less inclined to go with the views of the doubters and the skeptics. Of course we all get upset from time to time but your intuition will work better for you if you can shove negative emotions to one side. Forward movement is everything in life.

Oprah Winfrey who has enjoyed phenomenal success through listening to her inner voice, once wrote, How many times have you gone against your gut, only to find yourself at odds with the natural flow of things? We all get caught up in the business of doing, and sometimes lose our place in the flow. But the more we can tune in to our intuition, the better off we are. I believe it’s how God speaks to us.”

That’s what Oprah says on the subject.

My message: Tune in to your own instincts. Trust those instincts. Act upon them. It’s essential for long-lasting success. Listen to others but believe in yourself. Your on this planet for a reason, make that dent count.