Gurbaksh Chahal | 6 Things You Can Do Before Breakfast to Make Your Day a Success

Good morning! I mean it. Have a good start to your day and you’ll greatly enhance your chances of having a successful day, every day. The discipline of an early bird will manifest itself in many ways, or as Benjamin Franklin put it way back in the 1700’s, “Early to bed and early to rise [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | Steve Jobs’ Last Words

There is a claim that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs left behind a deathbed essay about how the “non-stop pursuit of wealth will only turn a person into a twisted being, just like me.” To many entrepreneurs, he is a legend and the epitome of success, having created the most valuable company in the world, and [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | 8 Things Life Taught Me

Throughout my journey, I’ve had my various ups and downs in my life that have tested my ability to stay successful. Everyone reaches these breaking points but life’s ups and downs are what define our hidden purpose in life. Here are 8 things everyone should know about life and business that I wish someone told [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | Your IQ vs. EQ. What matters more?

We’re all intelligent—in one way or another. The architect uses a different kind of intelligence to a neurologist; a master carpenter is different to a scientist; a concert pianist to a mathematician; a motivational speaker to…well, you get the point. There are different ways of acknowledging and measuring intelligence and the idea of a fixed [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | Smart Answers to Awkward Interview Questions

An interview can be an intense experience. You’ve only got a few minutes to make a vital, possibly life-changing impression. The interviewer knows all about you on paper. He’s gone through your résumé. He knows what exams you’ve passed. He can see what positions you’ve held. But all of that’s nothing compared to him getting [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | Best Advice: “Never Give Up”— the lesson I learned from my Father

It was October 27, 1997. I remember it as if it was yesterday. My family’s dream home was already half built. It was to be our escape from the small, cramped house in the projects that I shared with my parents, my paternal grandmother and three siblings. Then the stock market crashed. The NYSE plummeted [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | The Best Ways to Hire Perfection

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence." In five minutes, I can look someone in the eye and figure out if they are going to survive and have what it takes to win. Is this someone who has the charisma? Chemistry tells me everything. It's amazing, how much we're [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | Seven Things in Life That Dictate Your Happiness

Your Friends The biggest threat can sometimes be the people you surround yourself with. It’s important to be surrounded by those who only want the best for you. Who you eat with, is who you will become. Keep away from the naysayers, darkness resides there. Trust your gut. We are complicated creatures. That inexplicable feeling [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | Confidence. Conviction. Charisma.

Some people have it; many people don’t. But there are three attributes you need to develop if you want to master the art of the sale. They’re the three C’s: Confidence. Conviction. Charisma. If you have these attributes, there isn’t a single thing you can’t sell. CONFIDENCE Do you have the confidence in yourself to [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | 10 Things Not To Do In An Interview

It’s a potential life-changing event—yet so many people get it wrong. I’m talking about going for an interview for a position you really want; one that could have a dramatic impact on the rest of your life. So, why is it that so many prospective employees don’t seem to grasp the essentials of getting the [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | Dream. Create. Lead. Execute.

Excelling at work is the key recipe for success. You must always strive to be the best you can be.  The following may seem obvious, but understanding these ideas can help you go far in your career. Don’t ever treat your job as just a job; always think of it as a career. Embrace it. [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | The Best Interview Questions You Should Always Ask

Most people preparing for an interview think about all of the “tricky” questions they’re likely to be asked. And plenty of books have been written telling you how you should best answer them. But have you ever considered the questions that you should be asking the interviewer? They’re just as important. Right at the end [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | The Worst Interview Questions You Should Never Ask

Interviews are those make-or-break opportunities in life. A few vital minutes when you’re in the spotlight and it’s your chance to shine. This isn’t a rehearsal, it’s the real thing. So, are you going to put your best foot forward or your foot in your mouth? Are you going to put in a star performance? [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | Get in the Driver’s Seat of Life

Are you a driver or a passenger? If you want to be an entrepreneur there’s only one answer to this question. You have to be a driver. You can’t expect to be a passenger and get anywhere. You have to be the one with his hands firmly on the wheel steering your business in the [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.

Here's a shining example of Why Defeat is just a Detour in our Journey. Consider the life of someone who refused to quit—in spite of setback after setback during a life of struggle: ■ When he was seven years old, his family had to give up their farm and move to a neighboring state. Like [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | Success is a Daily Habit

There’s no such thing as an overnight success. You don’t just wake up one day, decide to do something extraordinary and the very next day you’re on top of the world with everyone singing your praises. Becoming successful is not a fluke. It’s not as simple as buying a ticket and winning the lottery. Success [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | Don’t Ruin Your Résumé

I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently sifting through résumés while preparing to get my latest venture Davinci IITM off the ground. We've been blessed to have gotten over 5,000 resumes even before launch. It’s a starting point for getting to know someone and figure out if he or she will be a good [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | Taking a Break from the Wired World

Here’s something you’d probably not expect to hear from me: Do yourself a favor and disconnect from the wired world. Yes, I’m an Internet entrepreneur. Yes, I’ve been a passionate serial entrepreneur since the age of 16 whose life has totally revolved around high tech connectivity. And yes, I have to admit that I often [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | You can buy People. But you can’t buy Loyalty.

What does loyalty mean to you? I return to this subject because I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. Throughout my journey I’ve always believed in being totally loyal to my colleagues, employees, customers and investors. I can’t imagine running any kind of business without loyalty being at its core. Morally and ethically, it [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | The Eleven Rules of Life-Fiction for our Youth

Here's an excerpt from the book "Dumbing Down our Kids" by educator Charles Sykes.  It is a list of eleven things you did not learn in school and directed at high school and college grads. While some of these are very blunt, I think our youth definitely needs to understand what they are going to [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | Getting the Salary You Deserve

How much are you worth? It's a touchy subject for most business professionals no matter how many years experience you have under your belt. For some reason most people find establishing one's salary with a prospective employer a difficult conversation to have. You may have negotiated multi-million-dollar deals. You may have worked with senior executives [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | Nailing the Job Interview

In the course of my career, I have interviewed hundreds of prospective employees, and I’m always amazed by the way so many of them get the process so wrong. At the end of the day, the interview is really about one thing: Making the person across the table fall in love with you . Here [...]

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Gurbaksh Chahal | Job Creation and Hiring in Silicon Valley, From the Perspective of a Serial Entrepreneur

It's no surprise that startups and tech companies are the forerunners in job creation, and Silicon Valley startups are leading the pack. Silicon Valley startups create 11-percent more jobs than NYC startups and 38-percent more jobs than London startups. There is endless potential for innovation at startups in the valley, and these companies are looking for the best [...]

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