Gurbaksh Chahal | For the love of the Game.

Make your magic by G Chahal

After three successful endeavors I appreciate that some people might question why I’m doing it all over again. Why don’t I slow down? Why don’t I just “enjoy” coasting or be jetting around the globe? Why don’t I sit back and make the most of this so-called “good life”?

My answer is simple: that’s not in my DNA. I do it for the love of the game. Business is my sport. The good life for me is being an entrepreneur. I love creating and building businesses. I love breaking new ground and making a difference. I’m passionate about this magic. Because, magic is something you can create faster than anyone else. And, to me magic is about creating something out of nothing and solving problems that others can’t. I’m passionate about creating jobs and livelihoods. I’m passionate about building an all-star team who start each new day with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

To me business is like your favorite sport. It’s action-packed. It’s thrilling. It’s a no-holds-barred, head-to-head contest. It’s a contact sport not for the weak or the fearful. It’s about winning and never giving up.

If football’s your game you’ll appreciate the analogy of being the quarterback. You call the plays. You inspire. You motivate. Sure, there will be times when you get tackled. Tackled hard and knocked to the ground—no matter how much some of your teammates try to protect you.

You can score touchdown after touchdown, but still lose a game. You can make it to the super bowl and see victory snatched away in the dying seconds of the game. Sometimes, some of your fans become disappointed and disillusioned. And, that is the real-world looking down at you.

But next season you start all over again. You refocus. You persevere. You come up with a new strategy. New players are recruited to join the squad. There’s fresh energy and innovation at work.

For me, business is that game. Every minute excites and energizes me. Yes, business success brings considerable financial rewards. But it should never be about the money.

For me, achieving financial freedom was never the goal. I’m not motivated by the money, never was and never will be. I’ve seen too many people go down the wrong path in life out of envy and greed. I’m motivated by the journey. And sometimes that journey takes unexpected and amazing turns.

Just a few months ago I hadn’t anticipated that I would start my journey this soon.  But once it became obvious that another startup was my path forward, it became my destiny, I had no option other than to throw myself into it 1,000 percent. I forgot what sleep or eating was. I was focused on this sport. This launch, the team, the product, the vision, and focused on delivering something that disrupts an entire market.

I believe in honesty and integrity and in keeping promises. I believe in being authentic. I believe that business is a team sport and all your rock star teammates should understand the definition of commitment and loyalty. I believe in winning. I believe in coming first and refusing to accept second best. I’m a diehard serial entrepreneur who fervently believes in dreaming big and hustling harder, so that I can achieve any goal that I set my eye on. And I put my trust in God’s karma. That’s what being limitless is about.

And, if I can do this. You surely, can as well.

Make your magic.