Gurbaksh Chahal | Live a Life with Purpose and You’ll Never Be Bored


Gurbaksh Chahal Motivational

March 30, 2015

Live a Life with Purpose

Want to be the greatest athlete? Want to be a billionaire? Or want to be the greatest scientist? Whatever your dream maybe, anything is possible. But, there is one key thing you have to understand. Is your dream a “desire” or is it driven by “purpose.”

I dropped out of high school at the age of 16, to pursue my dream to become an entrepreneur. Money was never my goal, and still today it isn’t. I work 100+ hours a week, harder than I ever had, even while others in similar situations just hope to reach a financial number and then go off the grid.

Those who don’t know how to quit, don’t know how to stop. And, that’s driven by purpose; I wanted to make my parents and grandmother proud. That was my purpose. And, that is my fuel, every day, day in – day out.

Along the way, I had to make sacrifices. I didn’t get to enjoy my youth. I never went to the high school prom, do all the cool things in college, or let alone receive a formal education which probably would’ve helped me make less mistakes in my journey. But, that’s what I sacrificed. Do I regret, it? No. But, I don’t encourage others to follow my footsteps. I was driven to be where I am today because of my purpose, not any desires to accumulate fame or wealth. Everyone’s path in finding purpose is different.

In the last 8 months, I started RedLotus, we grew from just a few drawings from my dining room table, to a global company, which acquired 7 companies, soon to announce it’s 8th this week, with over 100+ employees worldwide. This might seem like a lot. Believe, me it is a lot to reflect on. But, that’s the difference when you’re not motivated by desire, you’re not motivated by money, you’re only motivated by purpose.

My grandmother is no longer with me. But, I know she’s watching me from up above. I’m doing this for her legacy. My parents are still alive. And, that’s what I shared with them on Friday. I need you to stay healthy and stay happy, because I want you to still be alive to see this journey. I’m doing it for them.

And, that’s the brilliant thing about purpose. Once you find it, it never changes.