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Gurbaksh Chahal Motivational

November 19, 2014

Keep your life positive

Every morning when we wake up, we have many choices. What we choose, is purely up to us. We can choose to do good, be a part of a change, and help others, or we can choose to let the evil in us come out.

For most, it’s the first choice. They look to wake up with a smile, to find a change to make, and to help others. It’s natural for most to not want to harm others. But, nevertheless, they exist.

These people who aim to bring you down, they’re put there as a test. A test to see how hard you’re willing to fight. How far you’re willing to go before giving up. If you’re even willing to give up.

They’re put there for you to learn from. For you to turn the tables around where you’re the prize and not the target. So you can become a better person. You can focus on how to deal with certain situations. And, learn to see a side of people you haven’t in order to prevent this again.

So today, when you encounter a situation in which you’re put in an uncomfortable position, remember it’s not necessarily a terrible thing. It’s just another test meant for you.

Evil resides as part of humanity. It just depends whom decides to open that door. Keep life positive and don’t cater toward it, it will be the only thing that makes you happy.