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April 4, 2014

Gurbaksh Chahal Role Models

When you ask most people, who their role models are, they immediately say Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, a celebrity, an athlete, or even a politician. Some are iconic, wealthy, defined success, changed industries, and people look up to them as if they want to be them.

I look at life differently. I came from nothing. And just had a dream. But, one thing I was never short of – was a wealth of love. And, the person that taught me that, unconditionally, was my grandmother. She never went to school, grew up in poverty, didn’t know how to speak English, or even know some of the basics we take for granted such as knowing how to drive. But, what she did was become the pillar of love for my family. She taught me that love solves each problem. Growing up poor and different was tough for me, but every day when I came back from school, just getting a hug from her and hearing her voice, “everything is going to be alright”, was enough for me to continue my journey another day.

4 years ago today, we lost her. Even before that, we had lost her to Alzheimer’s. But, her presence was something that no matter what we can still feel. That’s the magical and cosmic thing about love. Love is an extremely powerful thing, once you’re taught it – you can feel the authenticity behind it. And, it allows you to prevail on everything you want to do in life.

Throughout these last few years without her, we’ve had tough times. But, at any time I’ve hit a stumbling block, I can still feel her voice telling me, “Not to worry, it’s all going to be alright.” And, that feeling still does wonders for me. Her role changed from a role model to an angelic form.

So, if you’re looking for a role model. Don’t look outside, just look inside. And, you’ll see your inspiration maybe a lot closer than you think.

Thank you, for teaching me the meaning of love, being my role model and now my angel.