Gurbaksh Chahal | Work hard. Don’t quit. Never whine.


Gurbaksh Chahal Motivational

January 12, 2015

Work hard. Don’t quit. Never whine.

Michael Keaton got it right. Tearfully accepting his Golden Globes award on Sunday night for best actor in a motion picture, he paid tribute to his family and upbringing.

He said, “In the household in which I was raised, the themes were pretty simple: work hard, don’t quit, be appreciative, be thankful, be grateful, be respectful. Also to never whine, ever. Never complain. And always, for crying out loud, keep a sense of humor.”

Keaton. who won the award for his gripping portrayal in “Birdman” of a washed-out actor who attempts a Broadway comeback, shared a glimpse of his early life, saying, “I don’t ever remember a time when my father didn’t work two jobs, when my mother wasn’t saying the rosary or going to Mass or trying to take care of seven kids in a rundown farmhouse as she was volunteering at the Ohio Valley hospital where I was born — in a hallway.”

And he added, “I’ve never seen the virtue in not being courageous in acting. It’s not like coal-miner bravery or Doctors-Without-Borders-going-into-Ebola-stricken-villages bravery. I mean, what’s gonna happen? People are going to laugh at you and make fun of you? Okay, fine. If that happens, I’ll go on to the next thing.”

I can totally relate to Keaton’s message. It’s not often that a Hollywood actor so passionately or so eloquently pays tribute to his upbringing. Those are values that I share. And the same kind of commitment is needed by any successful entrepreneur. It’s what separates the long-term winners from the losers.

Word hard. Don’t quit. Never whine. Don’t get complacent. Adapt to Change. And, always remember your ultimate prize.