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Gurbaksh Chahal Motivational

August 14, 2015

Rented Space

We’re used to this concept. We rent space all the time. Whether they be hotels, apartments, cars, but most importantly time. Sometimes, we get that freedom from our work to enjoy our weekends.

But, we forget one thing. Life itself is a rented space of time. It’s a mystery. We only know when the clock begins, not when then clock ends. We get the gift of life, but we constantly worry ourselves to strive for the things that don’t matter. Whether that’s chasing monetary gain, status, or power. But, at the end, our rented time on this earth is going to be judged based on something more magical – what we give to this world. What we get remembered by. It can be as simple as a smile for someone or the depth of what we create for others, and their dreams.

What life has taught me is that it can be captured by moments. It can be captured by emotion. And, the singular emotion can be felt by love. These intangibles are priceless.

Imagine being born at birth. You are clueless. You don’t have any idea of what life really is about. Some higher power brought you into this world, and brought you together for this world for a reason.

Imagine when you were an adolescent. You realize what friendship is. You realize what family you surround. You learn what school is about. You’re still soul searching. Sometimes, you can spend your entire life searching.

Imagine becoming an adult. That’s when life puts pressure on you. It makes you make the decisions on what outside pressures wants you to be. But, don’t let anyone rent space in your head for free.

When life hits you with an obstacle. It unveils our weakness, our vulnerability. And, then we start to realize one thing. Every breath we take is rented. Every choice we made was based on an outcome we hoped to have an outcome. But, the time we spent to obtain something, that journey, was used by the rented space we have on earth.

That’s why I live by the philosophy. If you’re helping someone and expecting something in return, you’re doing business not kindness.

Do good and expect nothing in return. It’ll become your life’s greatest gift.

Live a full life. Live a life of empowering others to succeed. Challenge yourself to give more than what is expected of you. And, then hopefully, we’ll realize – the rent that was given to us was worth every moment, every desire, every ambition, every emotion, and ability we were given.

And, that is what happiness is. It is a moment in time when our expectation of life’s experiences are met.