Gurbaksh Chahal | Tech and Creative: Synergy for the Future


Gurbaksh Chahal Business

April 1, 2014

Synergy for the Future

I’ve got a warning for big brand advertisers who fail to embrace the latest developments in technology: if you don’t learn the language of data you’re going to be left out in the cold.

This week is an opportune time to reiterate and reemphasize these points as some of the world’s greatest advertising creatives and technologists have descended on London for a major global conference. High on the agenda at Advertising Week Europe, held in the UK’s capital for the second year running, is the role of technology; what and where next?

For those companies at the cutting edge of online advertising there are amazing, game-changing opportunities.

Creative organizations today can maximize their performance by measuring the outcomes of their advertising campaigns in ways that weren’t possible just a few years ago.

Result: They can use the insights they’ve gleaned to dramatically improve their campaigns and serve consumers with targeted ads that are highly relevant to them, based on their real preferences rather than the calculated guesses of the past.

Consumers can now even receive useful, relevant and entertaining ads based on their online conversations. The power in using what consumers are saying and doing in their own communities to drive content targeted at them delivers vast potential for advertisers creative and far-sighted enough to seize the opportunity.

Today’s connected consumers—especially younger consumers—accept and expect sophisticated and integrated advertising. This means that the creative and technology industries need to work together to maintain and improve consumer satisfaction and ensure business success.

The winners of yesterday will be the losers of tomorrow—if they don’t keep up with the latest advances.

With connected audiences everywhere, the coming together of the technology and creative industries promises great rewards for those businesses that can combine the two successfully; the businesses that can turn on a dime and get to the forefront of the rapidly-changing and evolving online advertising market.

Of course news about technology and media companies naturally goes hand in glove these days. Look at Facebook and Twitter for the most obvious examples. San Francisco is the globally recognized tech hub where the technology and creative industries have partnered to explore new electronic advertising frontiers.

Internationally, London has emerged as a major digital advertising hub with big annual growth in programmatic and