Gurbaksh Chahal | Leap of Faith


Gurbaksh Chahal Motivational

September 12, 2014

Leap of Faith

Many people live the same life, day-to-day. They may stay at the same company, eat the same food, and stay within their shell.

Only when things turn into groundhog day, people realize they need to make a change. They may be secure with their life – have no worry about income, about friendships – but one ingredient becomes missing in their lives…happiness. At that point, you need change, and must decide to follow your instincts.

When you do so, you create a life worth living. When I was 16, I went through this phase. I wasn’t living the same life daily, but I wanted something more. Something that would change my life, forever. I took the chance, and I never looked back. I took the leap of faith. I took the jump.


If you don’t jump at an opportunity, someone else will. You’re not the only person trying to live your dream. There are hundreds, thousands, even millions who are fighting to live out their dream, We all have goals we want to achieve, and if you don’t take the opportunity, you most likely won’t get it again.

The worst feeling is watching someone else take your dream, and live it out to it’s fullest extent. We all have some experience seeing that.


Even the most influential people in the world face challenges daily. The more challenging the task, the greater your reward will be. But, when you encounter a challenge and your gut tells you to jump at it, jump. Don’t look down.

The most difficult challenges have the greatest outcomes. This requires you to leave your comfort zone, and take on new responsibility. You may seek this in your personal, or professional life.


It’s important to respect the opinion of others, but when it comes to your career, your personal life, or your relationships, at the end of the day you have the power regarding your future. You have the power to your happiness, your success, your dreams, and your reality.

Many will question you, maybe even call you crazy. But they’re not the ones making that jump. You are.


No one can read the future, you can only hope your instincts lead to a positive result. But, if you don’t trust yourself, you will never know how good it could have been.

Challenges are inevitable. You will want to quit. You will get mad. But, if it’s your passion, you will get to the finish line.

Take the chance. Don’t look back. In the end, you will find your true self, full of happiness, and success. Whether this means applying for your dream job or moving across the country in hopes of a better life, don’t let anyone else control your future, but you.

As someone once said, “Forget about the consequences of failure. Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success.”

Take that leap of faith.