Gurbaksh Chahal | Religion Should Never Be an Excuse to Kill Innocent Children.


Gurbaksh Chahal Thoughts

December 16, 2014

Taliban killed over a hundred innocent children in Pakistan

Two things, I’ve learned over the last 17 years on the Internet is to never blog about politics or religion. I’m going to take that off the list for today. First step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one.

As we all know of the sad outcomes for the tragedy in Sydney that killed 2 people as well as the gunmen. Today, in Peshawar, Pakistan, the Taliban killed over a hundred innocent children in a school. The death toll is still counting. The gunmen were told to shoot “older students” and “not young children.” It doesn’t get anymore barbaric than that.

I’ve always been respectful of all religions because at the end of the day whether you call him God or want to reach the promise land, we all face a judgment day. This isn’t the first time the Taliban have used barbaric tactics in the name of religion. They are just sick, human beings that need to be stopped.

I used to be a big fan of President Obama, but outside of his endorsement of quantitative easing that created a band-aid to the economy, what has he done on the war on terrorism? What has he done period outside of being a celebrity? How many more kids needs to die, in the name of a sick terrorist group that need to prove that they are righteous when others don’t even live long enough to know what their dreams should be?

And, seriously Pakistan? Where the hell are you in this? When are you going to realize your country is filled with terrorists. Unless you plan on being an axis of evil, do something about your country, before the world does it for you.

I hope the world takes this seriously. This kind of behavior needs to end. And, if America is the greatest power – then it needs step up. It is not the greatest the country in the world when it witnesses terrorism now on weekly basis and does nothing about it.

For those that caused harm on these innocent lives, I promise you – you will not reach any promise land. Judgment day for you isn’t heaven, it has a special room in hell waiting for you.

For those that have innocently died today, my prayers are with you and your families. May your souls rest in peace and may we seek justice for what was done to you.

President Obama, time to step up and actually be President for a change. You campaign was about Hope and Change. It’s your chance to actually deliver on that promise. Do something about it now before your a President without a legacy to be proud of.

To learn about the current situation, click here for the CNN article: